School Programs

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Media Arts

The Media Arts course gives students the opportunity to learn the various aspects of print or video journalism. Students work with instructors to identify issues which effect them and their community. Students then work collectively to create magazines or video (Public Service Announcements, Mini- Documentaries) that address these issues.



In our Lowrider bike project we strive to continue the legacy and culture of Lowrider bikes in East San Jose. We encourage the concepts of cooperative learning through group projects, where students from different learning levels work collaboratively to design, assemble, and customize their own bikes. By the end of the program, students have a better understanding about the culture of Lowrider bikes and have learned the concept of cooperative learning.


Poetry/Spoken Word

In this course students will be exposed to great works of poetry past and present. They will then be lead through a series of exercises designed to have them create their own works of poetry and recite them in a ‘Poetry Slam’ style event at the end of the semester.


Urban Art

This course traces the evolution of urban art to the present-day. Students develop an understanding of composition and color, creating visual art with pencils, markers and/or paint. By the end of the course, students are producing artwork that incorporates elements of graphic design, street art-throwups, specialized lettering, and objects. Through the development of imagination and creativity, students learn to appreciate the artistic and creative voice and vision within themselves and others.



The concepts of discovery learning and invention through improvisation are encouraged. Students are taught basic dance routines and are encouraged to develop their own steps. This course emphasizes creativity, expression, movement, balance and the overall importance of a healthy body and proper nutrition. Through break-dancing the youth gain self-esteem and are given a unique opportunity to collaborate with other students in a creative outlet.


Afro Brazilian Drumming/Movmement

The African Drumming and movement class taught by Kieth Hames form Akoma Arts focuses on building students sense of rhythm as well teaching the history and culture of Afro-Brazlian drum and dance.


Tlacuilo Aztec Drawing

Students will be introduced to the Aztec Codex, which is the official writing system of the Aztecs. This ancient writing system uses drawings instead of letters to tell the story. Following our tradition students will learn how to organize and compose stories using traditional drawing methods. They will get a glimpse of how to read the Aztec calendar, andlearn how to draw a momentous event in their lives through drawing in this style.


Paper Mache Paper Mache 3D Design with Roberto

Students will learn how to construct 3 dimensional designs using Paper Mache. Built within this course is the awareness of recycling and reusing household objects. They will bechallenged to transform ordinary materials, such as newspaper and cardboard, into a dynamic works of art. This class encourages the students to explore their creativity to produce elaborate sculptures while learning fabrication, design, structure, balance and color relationships.


Hip Hop Chess

(up to 15 students) Nothing teaches more than the game of chess. It develops memory, improves concentration, and advances logical thinking. It promotes imagination, teaches sportsmanship, and inspires independence and self-motivation.
Chess builds confidence, gives power to patience, rewards hard work, and turns success into a series of strategic moves that any one can easily apply to every area of their life. Most of
all, chess ties together all you do in the classroom, improving both schoolwork and grades in everything from math to art, and enhances a child’s ability to interact with other people.


Tae Kwon Do

Course focuses on the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do in a supportive and encouraging environment.Students do not engage in sparring. Rather, they practice basic stances, blocks, punches, kicks and stretches in order to improve their self-confidence and overall physical fitness. Course instructor David Perez holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a blue belt in Judo from Song’s Martial Arts Institute and has over five years of experience in martial arts instruction.


Soccer For Kids

This class taught by staff from Soccer Tots mixes skill development with actual small-sided games. It is geared to give kids lots of “touches” on the ball. Emphasis is on developing enjoyment of physical activity and the game of soccer. No score is kept.